Hand Skin Care Complex “New Handles”

Complex hand skin care for regular care

STEP 1: Hand Scrub Quite often the hands or some areas of the hands have rough skin and intensive use of moisturizers does not help. The thing is, the top layer of rough skin is dead cells that are just not affected by moisturizing and softening components. Getting rid of this layer of dead cells will help just a hand scrub. It is necessary to use a hand scrub constantly, 2-3 times a week. First you need to wash your hands and wipe them, but not dry, the skin should remain slightly moist, then apply a scrub on your hands and massage them softly for two to three minutes, paying more attention to the rough areas. Then rinse the scrub with water and apply a night cream. STEP 2: Day Hand Cream Gel Count how many times a day you wash your hands – as many times you need to take care of moisturizing your skin. The daily cream gel should be with you constantly, use it as often as your skin needs. It is very quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy spots, in half a minute after use you can do the usual for you affairs. A small amount of cream gel to apply massage movements on the skin of the hands. STEP 3: Night Hand Cream Evening or Night Cream has a completely different function: it has the function of nourishing the skin of the hands. If during the day it is better not to use oily creams, because it can cause a lot of inconvenience, then before bed, it is necessary to apply the nourishing hand cream. Fatty oils, vitamins and other nutritional components will work throughout the night, making your hands look great in the morning. Apply enough cream to cleanly washed hands. Spread smooth massage movements starting from the nails up to the wrist, as if wearing gloves, massage each finger, including the nail plate and cuticle, gently wipe the cream with a paper cloth.

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