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We are happy to see you among fans of natural cosmetics "YAKA". We understand your desire to know more about the brand of cosmetic products you trust every day care of your skin and hair. We are sure it really helps you look unsurpassed every morning and throughout the day.
We created the first really natural product in Ukraine -
Cosmetics "YAKA" that cares and inspires.

We were the first in Ukraine who created really natural product – сosmetics "YAKA" that cares and inspires


The popularity didn’t come to “YAKA” brand at once, because we were the first among the manufacturers of natural cosmetics when organic and natural products have just started to attract attention of a buyer. Understanding the needs of women and their desire to get a healthy look of skin of body and face, to be satisfied with softness and shine of their hair, to get proper protection and care every day we have developed unique series of really natural cosmetics.

We have preserved time-tested recipes for beauty and constantly improve the acquired formulas, enrich the content of our products and develop new recipes. Such approach contributes to the improvement of quality and efficiency of all cosmetic products. By combining traditions and contemporary scientific research in the cosmetic industry, taking into account the needs of a particular type of skin or hair, we develop unique means for daily care. Natural ingredients and unique properties of the product are the integral part of each bottle.

Every day a lot of clients choose cosmetics “YAKA” for themselves and for their families thus demonstrating their trust in the brand. This confirms the popularity of our products which has been achieved due to its high quality and unsurpassed results the users get.

Thank you for your trust. Choosing “YAKA”, you prefer the best.

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